International Journal of Trichology

: 2019  |  Volume : 11  |  Issue : 4  |  Page : 143-

Hair and humor - 1 - “The only problem”

Ganesh S Pai 
 Department of Dermatologist, Kasturba Medical College; Department of Dermatology, KS Hegde Medical College; Derma-Care Centre, Mangalore, Karnataka, India

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Dr Ganesh S Pai
Derma-Care, The Trade Centre, Ground Floor, Opp. Hotel Goldfinch, Mangalore - 575 003, Karnataka


Perhaps the best solution for hair loss is a little bit of philosophy and a lot of humor. Endless trips to trichologists, hair potions and lotions hardly prevent the reluctant march to baldness. Unless of course, the patient agrees to a hair transplant.

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Richard, a young patient, was back in my clinic after several months. His previous visits had turned out to be a futile search for a cure for his baldness. Even earlier than that, he had run from pillar to post, trying doctors first and quacks later, in a vain effort to prevent a partial baldness from turning to a full one.

In desperation, Richard had asked every doctor the same question: “What stops failing hair?” “The ground for it can fall no further,” I had jested, at once revealing the futility of treatment.

Richard, with a moustache as thick as a bowtie and a lush beard, was soon to be in possession of a scalp that shone and glowed like the full moon. His chin resembled the lush tropical amazon forests while his scalp resembles the barren Atacama Desert.

As he came back this time wearing a wig, it took me some time to recognize him. Richard held a bag in one hand and his petite wife Monica held his other. Richard explained that, as a practical solution for his baldness, he had gone for a wig. The wig he wore had jet-black, soft wavy hair all neatly in place. The wig gave him a youthful countenance and I complimented on his choice.

An enthused Richard said, “I wear this wig for business since it has a neat appearance.” He then proceeded to pull out another wig from the bag. “This one,” he explained, “has one white hair built in at the temple for every ten black hairs. The effect is an intellectual look which is useful at parties.”

He pulled out yet another wig from his bag. This one looked inexpensive and Richard explained that it was meant for wearing at the cricket matches, where mischief- makers in the jostling crowds might be tempted to pull wigs off.

“There, so all your problems are solved,” I told him. “Not all,” Monica chipped in, “the whole of Sunday morning he confined to his bedroom while I wash the wigs, comb them, dye them and then put them out to dry.”

“And all that,” Richard added, “with loving care.”

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